About Me

Hi I’m Elsi, an English Lit & Creative Writing grad from Surrey University. After finishing in July of 2015 and having had the most ridiculously fun 4 years, I quickly applied to a temp agency and spent a few months working at a law firm before finding a job in Online Marketing which I’ve loved. The ultimate motivation to find myself these jobs came from a desire to take a gap year as soon as I could – something I’ve been nattering on about for the last two years. And here I am doing it and writing about it!

My journey began on the 23rd February and will sadly come to an end on the 9th August 2016 in Bogota, Colombia. So far it’s been the most empowering, inspiring and incredible experience of my life and has only sparked my desire to explore more of the world and its many cultures.

Prior to this trip, I was not a stranger to going abroad after having done family road-trips in the USA, a somewhat challenging 3 week expedition in the Arctic and visited various countries in Europe; most recently Croatia which I absolutely fell in love with. But backpacking is very new to me and my aim is to share whatever I find, love, hate and do with the aim to inspire and even help a few of you too!

Of course I’ve tried to save up for this trip, but it’s been difficult to stay on track and I’ve been doing this on a budget of roughly £1000 per month. If I can make my way through Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Colombia on a few pennies then I want to share the ins and outs of how I achieved it for anyone looking to do the same.

This is my first blog so I do hope at least one of my posts captures your interest and perhaps provides some inspiration and useful information for travellers like myself.