A calma depois da tempestade…

I’m kicking off the first post on my new travel blog with a slightly reflective theme as I delay the rest of my packing before our imminent flight.

I began seriously considering South America as a desirable destination within the last eight to nine months and admittedly, it didn’t seem within reach. At that point I was expecting to travel alone and wasn’t sure if it was safe to go as a solo female traveller. I’d seen pictures and heard a few things, but really I knew very little about the continent and safety-wise, it had a slight reputation. Luckily my friend Tom was also keen to explore somewhere and South America initially appealed to him for similar reasons that it did me – the mystery and undeniable beauty.

I went away and read travel blogs and websites with information and advice on South America, some favourites being Nomadic Matt, Indie Traveller and My Funky TravelI finally came to the conclusion that South America is a continent which can offer a little or a lot of just about everything at a fair cost. The diversity is apparent in its mix of Brazilian paradise beaches, lush green Amazonian jungle and Patagonian snow capped mountains. For two people on a limited budget with a limited time-frame and a strong desire to experience everything, South America was a no-brainer.

Tom and I will be flying direct to São Paulo tomorrow evening, arriving on the morning of the 24th. We’ll then join our connecting flight to Rio and once there, hopefully find our way to the hostel. We’ll be spending exactly one month in Brazil before flying out to Peru and then continuing the journey into Bolivia, Chile and finally Argentina – totalling 160 days.

Our itinerary is sparse to say the least. We have 8 flights booked between us and a rough route based on key points we want to visit on the map, but this trip is all about ‘winging it’ on a budget. I’m both extremely nervous and excited to not have my life planned out for a little while and perhaps even more nervous because of my currently non-existent grasp of Portuguese and Spanish (don’t be fooled by the post title – thought I’d test out Google translate before it potentially saves my life a few times!). I’m sure this will be an ongoing battle which I can update you with, but I’m relying on some friendly locals to give me a few lessons!

I’m going back to sorting and packing this pile of stuff now, which is surprisingly complex due to the fact I’m packing for summer in Brazil and winter in Chile! 



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